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D Moore


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DJ Name: D Moore

Booking Email: dmooredjuk@hotmail.com

Show Name: Moore Underground

Show Day / Time: Wednesday 10pm-12am

Show Genre(s): All things bass

Where Are You From? Has This Hadd Any Bearing On The Kind Of DJ You Are/Want To Be?:
I’m from a small village in the middle of nowhere, it’s perfect because it means I can play the music I love loud and have no neighbours to worry about.

How Did You Start DJing? Or What Ledd You To Want To Be A DJ?:
It all started a few years ago, I went to Outlook festival in 2013 back when I was really into dubstep. The festival blew my mind. Before this I’d only been to clubs and never been to a rave of any kind, so this was an experience to say the least. From there I went to my first rave in Brum called GLAS. I saw Marc Spence and Cause & Affects set and I loved it and thought I’d love to do that. This spurred my love for house and bass music. A year on, I’d bought my first dj equipment, learning little by little. That year I went to Outlook for the second time and met some of my musical heroes, this really pushed me to take dj’ing up seriously. I joined the BRUM DJ Academy, and this helped push me forward.

What Are Your Goals As A DJ?:
My goals are to play the music I love to a crowd of like minded people at a big festival/event, a goal of mine for this year is to start playing more frequently in Birmingham and get sets outside too. The dream is to play Outlook Fetsival, Croatia in the summer, good music, good people, that’s the dream.

What Influences You? Where Do You Draw Your Insperations From?:
My influences are: My Nu Leng, Taiki Nulight, Chris Lorenzo, Marc Spence, Barely Royal & Bunnie, Pelikann, Stanton Warriors, Skream, Benga, Roska, Redlight, Archive, Sly-One

What Have You Done, In Terms Of Gigs Or Projects?:
My Projects at the moment are my bi-monthly (every two months) mix series called Moore Vibes. I like to treat this mix as a warm up to peak time style mix, starting with the house and dancier music before moving into the bassier and gritty stuff. And of course my radio show here on BSR; Moore Underground. Would love to build my show, viewership and listenership and progress that further. As for gigs I’ve played at Ministry of Sound London, I’ve also played for: Fidget, Seedy Sonics, Mr Jangles, Relapse, EVENT. And will be playing for Fidget and The Bass Collective in March

What Are You Currently Doing Now In Terms Of Residencies Or Other Projects?:
I’m currently trying to get my name out there and play gigs at events like After Dark, 02:31, Glas, one event I would love to play in particular is Sum Cellar, the lads put so much effort and heart into their event and it’s a proper intimate party. Always goes off. Project in Worcester would be a event to play for. I’ve been trying to get my name out to larger venues in the U.K. too and even the odd festival to see if there are any opportunities for them.

What Projects Are You Looking To Do In The Future?: Playing at MADE festival, Fabric London, Motion and Lakota in Bristol, Warehouse project, Lost and found festival, Outlook festival. Essentially I would love to play the music I love all over the world. No better feeling than dropping a tune you love and seeing and hearing the crowd go mad for it


  • Wednesday - 10:00 pm - 12:00 am


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