Split Personality

Hosted by:

Jigga N Reality


  • DNB

DJ Name: SPLIT PERSONALITY (Jigga n Reeality)

Booking Email: splitpersonalitydnb@gmail.com

Show Name: Midweek Madness

Show Day / Time: Wednesday 6 till 8pm

Show Genre(s): Drum n Bass

Where Are You From? Has This Had Any Bearing On The Kind Of DJ You Are/Want To Be?:
Hailing from Birmingham West Midlands.

How Did You Start DJing? Or What Led You To Want To Be A DJ?:
Split Personality has been going for about a year now decided to join forces a start a double act n we have never looked back going from strength to strength.

What Are Your Goals As A DJ?: To headline some major promotions, and get a good fan base.

What Influences You? Where Do You Draw Your Inspirations From?:
People such as Micky Finn, Nicky black market, MC Eksman, Skibba, Shabba and loads more.

What Have You Done, In Terms Of Gigs Or Projects?:
We have done loads to be fair, we have performed at some big raves like Nutcracka’s birthday day bash 2016/2017, we have broke thru into main room bookings in Bristol/Coventry n other places just doing our thing.

What Are You Currently Doing Now In Terms Of Residencies Or Other Projects?:
Resident @ major bass Bristol, Stamina Sounds in Coventry, part of the label MUTATED RESONANCE and more stuff to follow.

What Projects Are You Looking To Do In The Future?: Carry on what we’re doing and if we get more big bookings out of it then brilliant, but aiming to do the festivals next year.


  • Wednesday - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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