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DJ/MC/Host Name:  -  Armstrong / Big Daddy Armstrong 

Booking Email -

Show Name:  The Big Show

Show Day / Time: Sunday 6-8

Show Genre(s):

Where Are You From? - Birmingham ( castle vale )

How Did You Start DJing? Or What Led You To Want To Be A DJ - I started playing about with a set of numark belt drives in 1999 which a friend of mine had . We was messing about all the time then one night  a real dj who was on the circuit said let me hear you then and he laughed . he went on to explain about beats and bars ( matching them ) and as soon as he told me that was it I was even more hooked on mixing . I then got a booking in Sutton Coldfield ( rosies bar ) where they had technics 1210s and it was a whole new experience . I did a few radio shows on smooth fm ( pirate radio ) I then got asked to join the West mids most rated pirate radio stations SILK CITY FM and was on there for 14 years ( on and off) before I joined my new home BSR ....

What Are Your Goals As A DJ?: my goals at to keep doing my radio and get a few bookings here and there . mixing is my stress release / hobby . I enjoy it to much .

What Influences You?

What Have You Done, In Terms Of Gigs Or Projects -  Birmingham based . forme bar ( All day party ) Dome 2 ( club silk experience ) Club air ( club silk experience - Funky bassline ) Oc's  after party  Libertys nightclub ( special events Custard factory (Afro dizzy scratch)  Rosies bar (sunday nights) Decades ( Friday & Saturday Mornings ) Premonition Hillbillies Type 3 ?? A few more I cant remember the names ?? Underground blues parties  The Hampton ( hockley) Midland Tavern ( nechells )  Kato st  ( nechells ) system night club  Finch rd  ( Lozzells ) Midland area  Studio 45 ( Walsall / weekly event )  Religion Walsall WS1  Revoluti on (Walsall)Equator bar ( Walsall ) .

What Are You Currently Doing Now In Terms Of Residencies Or Other Projects? -I plan on doing the same until my Hands and ears do not work ...